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How do I book a cruise?

Provide us with your preferred dates either over the phone or email. We will do our utmost to ensure you enjoy your experience on your preferred date. However, as each experience is subject to availability, it is, therefore, important that you provide us with your full contact details so that we can promptly reach you.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you all the information needed, including ‘how to get there’ and ‘what to wear or bring’. Do not confirm any travel or accommodation arrangements (if required) until you receive our confirmation that your experience has been booked.

Can I change my booking date?

Rescheduling policies vary from yacht to yacht. We advise you to review it in details prior to booking.

The experiences you book can be subject to limited availability. We recommend you plan and book your experience early to avoid disappointment.

What are the modes of payment available?

– Bank Transfer (OCBC Bank Code: 7339, Branch Code: 588, Account No. 588052944001)
– Cheque (Cheque should be crossed and made payable to ‘SING EXPERIENCE PTE. LTD.’)
– Credit Cards via Paypal payment solutions (Visa / Mastercard / Amex / Discover) subject to a 3.9% administration fee
– Paypal

Are the prices quoted in SG$ or US$?

Our prices are quoted in SG$

What about the GST ?

Our prices are inclusive of 7% GST.

Is Alcohol consumption allowed on board?

Alcohol consumption is allowed but must stay within reasonable limits on the yacht. The captain has the duty to abort the cruise if the behavior of one guest was not appropriate. Safety is paramount and it is everybody’s interest to have it that way.

How can I choose the right yacht charter for me?

Use our Yachts page to decide which type of yacht you desire depending on the number of passengers and our destinations page to decide where you would like to cruise. You can then contact us, to fine tune your selection and receive yacht chartering advice and any current special deals. Even if you cannot find the yacht charter you require on our website database, we will be able to organize it for you, if it exists and it’s available.

Can I choose which day of the week I begin my yacht charter?

Crewed yacht charters can start and end on any day of the week, subject to availability. The usual time for embarkation for cruise is 9am, however we can change this time on request. For corporate event or evening cruise, time will be set to suit your event arrangements.

Do I need a visa for my Yacht cruise?

You must have a valid passport and the requisite visas and charter agreement forms before leaving on your charter. It is a good idea to carry your important personal documents on you when you leave the charter yacht. 

What if I want to cancel my charter?

  • More than 14 days notice, new booking within 3 months of the original booking
  • Cancellation with less 14 days and more than 7 days notice, 50% charter fee
  • Less than 7 days notice, 100% charter fee

Do I have to tip the captain/crew?

No, you don’t need to tip the captain/crew.  All Yacht rental prices are inclusive of the crew/skipper/captain fee.

What’s included in the Charter Fee?

All Inclusive Catamarans and Yachts:
Crewed catamarans and  yachts offer all-inclusive charter rates. The charter fee includes the Captain & Chef/Hostess, water toys, cruising permits, fuel and all on deck amenities. Insurance for the yacht for marine risk and third party claims and the crew for employer’s liability insurance is also included.

Is scuba diving equipment and air included in the charter fee?

This varies from yacht to yacht. Some boats are fully equipped with scuba equipment. For diving, we can help you organize diving with a local dive shop’s partner.

Will a crewed yacht be private for our honeymoon?

A crewed yacht rental is a great way to celebrate your honeymoon. Crews are always respectful of guests’ privacy and we will only recommend yachts most suited for a romantic vacation.

Is a crewed charter safe for young children?

Most captain will accept children able to swim; some yachts have a minimum age requirement. Children are always under responsibility and supervision of the parents or the adult client booking the cruise.

Are there water toys on board?

Several of our yachts have water toys available. Please check with us for availability.

Are pets allowed on board?

Pets are not allowed on board for health and safety reasons, and sea travel can be extremely uncomfortable for animals.

How much luggage can we bring?

We recommend soft luggage if possible for ease of stowage as  stowage space is often limited on private yachts. Some yachts will be able to store your empty luggage elsewhere once you have unpacked – but on other yachts, you will have to keep your cases in your cabin.

If I wish to order food, when should I do it?

A notice of 3 working days is required. If the cruise takes place on week ends, payment must be received by Thursday. Food orders are only confirmed after Singexperience has been credited for the full amount.

What is SingExperience liability in case of dispute?

Singexperience acts a service broker between the client and the yacht charter firm. Singexperience responsibility in case of dispute cannot be engaged beyond 15% of the charter value.

We are flexible and will make sure that you’ll have a wonderful experience.

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