Southern Islands – Lazarus, St John

Southern Islands & Lazarus Island, St John Island

Enjoy Lazarus Island.

We will sail along the southern coast of Singapore towards the secluded Southern islands of Singapore : Lazarus Island, St John Island , Sisters’ Islands , Kusu and Pulau Hantu. There, you can admire the impressive skyline of Singapore.

From Sentosa Island (Singapore) we will be heading toward Lazarus Island and St John Island. At Lazarus Island, there is a beautiful beach, where one can swim and play. Perfect place for parties with friends and family.

Our selection of Singapore Yachts for rental makes it possible to find what meets your needs and budget. We can propose and recommend yachts for fishing, party or corporate events. Charter a yacht with Singexperience and contact us for recommendations.

We can anchor in a beautiful secluded bay where you could enjoy lunch or BBQ, and relax on the white sandy beach. We can sail also around the islands of St. Johns, Sister Islands and Kusu. About 4 hours later we will sail back towards the west in between some of the moored tankers around the harbour area before we return to the Marina. Itinerary can be tailored to your individual wishes and preferences.

Most Popular Boats for Southern Island

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