BBQ to Southern Islands

BBQ to Southern Islands

The Southern Islands are becoming a favorite destination for those in search of exotic outing. Chartering a yacht is the best way to discover and enjoy them. It is very easy to organize a BBQ dinner with friends and family with a  Southern Islands cruise.

Our crew will set up the BBQ and cook for you, while you can relax on the boat, explore the island or enjoy a swim.

Our guests going there for the first time are always amazed that such a wonderful place, only 20 mn away from the city, remains so calm, so private.

When you return to the city, it will feel as if you have left for several days rather than a few hours, such is the impact of this magical cruise.

Beach – Lazarus Island

The Southern Islands consist of Kusu Island, Lazarus Island, Pulau Seringat, Pulau Tekukor, Saint John’s Island and the two Sisters’ Islands. It takes around 20 mn sailing time to reach them from One Degre 15 Marina in Sentosa.

Lazarus island is one of the most popular with Yachts.

There is limited activity on the island which makes it so magical.

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